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Based in Valencia Spain, this “Canadian”, alternative, retro-rock band have been stunning audiences for over a decade with their legendary live shows and breath of originality. Daze of Dawn is superb, original rock music that hits you like a raging tsunami, only to soothe you like your mother’s milk. If you´re a fan of legendary bands like Led Zeppelin, Pearl Jam, Neil Young, The Foo Fighters, The Beatles, Queens of the Stone Age or even Black Sabbath, you´re gonna fall in love with Daze of Dawn.

The new album SOFA KING COOL is an unpredictable step-dance on hallucinogens through a fresh and changing landscape of hard-rock, retro, funk, soul, folk, psychedelic blues and down-home acoustic music. A true rock power-trio serving up riveting vocals, big Gibson guitars, sub-octave bass, pounding drums, wailing harmonica and masterful Hammond and Rhodes performances. Spanning several genres but flowing naturally together, every song on the album is an instant classic and, of course, ¨Sofa King Cool¨.

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