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Thanks so much for ordering our album. Before you go I’ve got something very special I’d like to share with you…

Daze of Dawn has been around since 2001, and as you can imagine, we have written and recorded many songs, performed live more times than I can count, and amassed a long list of thoroughly “rocked” fans…

So we´ve decided to create a FULL BOX SET of all our music. In the box set, I´ve included all FIVE complete Daze of Dawn studio album releases (63 songs) plus FIVE special bonus live albums (61 songs) of the band over the years. These live recordings feature selections from both acoustic and electric performances from the early years, middle years and current years of the band and are not available anywhere else (not on iTunes or Amazon…nowhere, only in this special offer). That´s over 120 songs representing the scope or our work as a band over the years up to this point.


The box set also includes videos, artwork lyric sheets and more. We´ve thrown in album artwork designs, all song lyrics as well as a personal playlist chronicle of live videos. So you get the complete Daze of Dawn VIP package.

And I’d like to let you have access to all of it!  Now if you just took the per song retail value of this digital collection it would cost well over 100.00€ for the music alone. That’s not to mention the videos, live concerts, and other extras. And remember, most of this material is NOT AVAILABLE ANYWHERE ELSE!

However, as a THANK YOU for ordering one of our albums, I want to offer you access for just a fraction of the normal price.

As a special ONE TIME OFFER you can get our complete DIGITAL BOX SET for just 29.95€. That means you are paying just pennies per track compared to what you would pay if you bought this material via the normal retail channels…if it were even available…

Here’s a recap of what you’ll get instant access to if you purchase the Daze of Dawn DIGITAL BOX SET:

  • Over 120 songs (many of which have never been released to the public.)
  • All other previously released studio albums (FIVE Total).

SOFA KING COOL (2013) – 14 songs
Daze of Dawn´s fifth album. Recorded by: Pau Chafer at RCestudios, Xativa, Spain. Mixed and Mastered by Grammy winning engineer: Manuel Tomás. Produced by Claude Robillard
YETI NATION (2008) – 12 songs
Daze of Dawn´s fourth album. Recorded and Mixed by: Roger Garcia at RPM Estudios, Spain. Mastered at Turtle Tone Studios, NY, USA. Produced by Claude Robillard
DRUG TESTING (2006) – 15 songs
Daze of Dawn´s third album. Recorded by: Roger Garcia at RPM Estudios, Spain. Mastered at Turtle Tone Studios, NY, USA. Mixed and Produced by Claude Robillard
PUPPET HEADS (2003) – 12 songs
Daze of Dawn´s second album. Recorded by: Roger Garcia at RPM Estudios, Spain. Mastered at DRT Mastering, Boston, USA. Mixed and Produced by Claude Robillard
SHINJUKU IN JUNE (2001) – 10 songs
Daze of Dawn´s first album. Recorded, Mixed, Mastered and Produced by Claude Robillard

  • FIVE bonus LIVE albums. These include a personal selection live performance recordings (both acoustic and electric) of Daze of Dawn over the years…like audio snapshots from all eras of our musical journey as a band.

LIVE AT SALA MATISSE (2011) – 12 songs
Current generation Daze of Dawn. A full-on jaw-dropper show from the mighty electric power trio. Klyde, Carlos and Migue.
THE BLACK NOTE DUET (2010) – 14 songs
An evening at the Blacknote club in Valencia in pure acoustic duet format. Acoustic guitar and Violin. Klyde and Special guest Heidi Erbrich on Violin.
LIVE ON DIJKLAND FM (2008) – 5 songs
During the 2008 Holland tour, Daze of Dawn performed in live jam format on this radio station.
LIVE ACOUSTIC NIGHT (2008) – 15 songs
A power acoustic concert night with the full band. Second generation Daze of Dawn. Klyde, Pablo, Borja, Jacobo plus special guest Alfie on Keyboards.
THE EARLY YEARS (2003) – 15 songs
A collection of both killer electric and surprisingly subtle acoustic performances by the original generation Daze of Dawn members. Klyde, Ton, Victor, Tol and Paco.

  • Lyric sheets for all songs.
  • Artwork for all studio albums
  • Videoclips, live videos, interviews and more…a personal selection of video links, organized and captioned with extra information, chronicling the evolution and ¨great moments¨ of the band over the years.

You’ll receive INSTANT ACCESS immediately after ordering.

And just because I want to make certain everyone is happy with their purchase, I also after a COMPLETE MONEY BACK GUARANTEE for 30 days. If the DIGITAL BOX SET is not what you expected for any reason, just shoot me an email within 30 days and you’ll receive a complete refund.

Now I realize this is probably not for everyone. If our album was a gift, or perhaps just a casual purchase, then this special offer may not be for you.

However if you are a fan of our music and would like to help support us as an artist while getting a great deal, then this is a great opportunity to load up on some very special content at a price that you WON’T see again.

BUT PLEASE REMEMBER: This enormous discount I’m offering on all of the above is a ONE TIME OFFER. The DIGITAL BOX SET is not currently available anywhere else, and once you close this page this special price will be gone for good.  So if you’d like to get access to over 120 songs and a whole lot more, click the order button you see below now!

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