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01. Phat
02. Enemy
03. Age Of Reason
04. Can´t Get Even
05. Just Like Suicide
06. All My Daze
07. Brain Candy
08. Adrenaline
09. Warm Glow
10. No Distortion

Based in Valencia Spain, this “Canadian”, alternative, retro-rock band have been stunning audiences for over a decade with their legendary live shows and breath of originality. Daze of Dawn is superb, original rock music that hits you like a raging tsunami, only to soothe you like your mother’s milk. If you´re a fan of legendary bands like Led Zeppelin, Pearl Jam, Neil Young, The Foo Fighters, The Beatles, Queens of the Stone Age or even Black Sabbath, you´re gonna fall in love with Daze of Dawn.

This first album is RAW and AWESOME. The first steps on the road to a long list of published Daze of Dawn music. Shinjuku in June was a completely self produced work. Using new digital recording gear brought over when Claude migrated to Spain from living in Japan, together with the best microphones they could borrow, Daze of Dawn was able to produce this 10 song debut masterpiece. SHINJUKU IN JUNE was recorded, mixed, mastered and produced by Claude Robillard

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